01. About Astgaban

The Astgaban are also known as “Star Children”. They are beings brought into existence by the central “Will” of the universe, known as the Limbo. They traverse the vast abyss to create galaxies, even sometimes sharing galaxies with other Star Children. They create star systems and endlessly create planets throughout the aeons, with their songs and the hymns of their many worlds echoing throughout the cosmos. In time, their collective hymns find their way back to the Limbo, and more Star Children are birthed into the universe for the cycle to continue. There even exist Star Children who have made contact with the sentient beings of their worlds, but also those who would readily destroy their worlds and restart if the planets were not to their satisfaction.

02. Star Searching

While Star Children will sometimes make their own stars as a basis for their planets, they will also sometimes share a mother star with another Star Child. This tends to be more common with Star Children who were born around the same time or feel a connection with one another. They also gauge hostility from other Star Children, as they are suscesptible to becoming more unstable over the aeons as they produce more worlds. In time, a Star Child will eventually burn out if they overwork themselves and their essence will return to the Source of existence.

03. Journey Among the Stars

Every Star Child begins by created the land that would be the foundation for their planet. Once they have planted the seeds necessary for life, they quickly move onto the sentient creations that will make the new planet their home. While each and every Star Child has their own preferences and quirks, every world will have one thing in common- songs are magic, and magic can weave life and wonder. After creating however many sentient beings, they will then proceed to create caretakers for the world, and pillars to bring songs and their energies back to the heart of the universe. Once proper caretakers, also known as “administrators”, are established, then the Star Child will usually leave the planet in their hands. All Star Children are compelled to create more worlds, though each Star Child goes at their own pace with creation. Some linger on their planets, and others are hasty to create more.

04. Astral Chronicles

The worlds of Al’mi, Eleth and Verignos were created by three individual Star Children; Makhion, Rahgion and Ohdian. Makhion created the world of Al’mi before the conception of Eleth and Verignos, and made several other planets prior to Al’mi. Next was Eleth by Rahgion, and finally Verignos as the youngest world by Ohdian. Al’mi and Verignos share the same star system, while Eleth is further away but still in a nearby star system that sees an unusual amount of star children activity. Al’mi and Verignos regularly exchange orbits upon every Spring and Fall solstice in their respective worlds.