Tales from Verignos

Story 1: Bittersweet Dreams of the Sleeping God

One day, Ohdian felt like cultivating a budding star filled with a myriad of interests and wonders. Ohdian felt that it would be most fun to cultivate and wondrous things could be woven onto this slate. As a result, Ohdian felt compelled to cultivate this star in a manner that enjoyed living to its fullest. That star would name itself as Verignos. 

Ohdian proceeded to blanket the sky with day and night, lifted the earth, and cast rainfall on the newly parched land, letting greenery bloom all over. Once the land flourished, Ohdian filled the world with a myriad of living beings, beings that were blessed by the stardust that blew from Ohdian’s breath…
Ohdian generously bestowed them, the people of Verignos, with numerous blessings. True to Ohdian’s intent, Verignos was well-equipped for prosperity- the land was lush, resources were plentiful, and means were provided for its inhabitants to prosper. Meanwhile, the people exercised their gifts well- united, they nearly had powers that rivaled their maker. They used the power of song to celebrate and rejoice. They continually shared their fortune near and far. They spent their energies towards the peaceful, comfortable passage of time. 
The inhabitants were devoted to their creator, whom they eventually named Ohr Sof. To display their united and unconditional love for Ohr Sof, they in time pooled together their songs in order to bring to life the ultimate symbol of their love.

To that end, many joined forces to collaborate on a world-class project called Project Charalampos. They settled on the goal of offering Ohr Sof a sibling of their own making. They named this sibling Fotis. They hoped that by doing so, Ohr Sof would not experience loneliness any longer as there would be someone of their own to love and care.

Soon, the fateful day arrived. Fotis was delivered to Ohr Sof who resided beyond the clouds. With bated breaths, the people waited and waited for an answer.

Unfortunately, Ohdian found this creation deeply concerning, and eventually deemed Fotis as odious and abominable. Ohdian was wary over the many similarities Fotis bore in comparison to Ohdian. The power Fotis possessed alone was in an unimaginable magnitude, and even the appearance was unlike Ohdian’s. It was almost uncanny, as there was no shortage of imagery that depicted Ohr Sof differently in various civilizations. In conclusion, Ohdian ultimately found the existence of Fotis a regrettable mistake. 

For one… Ohdian was not unaware of the conflict that transpired during the creation of Fotis. Ohdian had since grown concerned and disappointed. The people spent resources, bled the land dry, wasted all manner of energy, strained relationships, destroyed lives… all just for this. And, Fotis was born with a fatal flaw. Fotis could draw directly from the heart of Verignos uninhibited. Without warning, Fotis could very well become the source of the star’s untimely demise. It could happen unknowingly to all those that lived. How could the children of Verignos be so… silly, so foolish? Poor, foolish and misguided children of Verignos…

Ohdian sighed, knowing full well that extreme measures have to occur in order to restore the balance and harmony of the world. Meanwhile, many people reacted to Ohr Sof’s reaction poorly. They were driven to confusion, rage, and despair. Where did they go wrong? The enormity of this failure couldn’t be any worse. It wasn’t long before disagreement evolved into conflict and then by magnitudes, war.

Since the inhabitants of Verignos were given so much power, the degree of violence was unimaginable.

Fed up with it all, Ohr Sof chose individuals and allies that remained loyal to Verignos’s survival. They swore to Ohr Sof that they would serve as stewards and guardians. They would assist with Ohr Sof’s mandate to dismantle the powers song magic held. Together with the agents that came into being from Ohr Sof, they sung placating and soothing songs that overrode the chaotic, hateful songs that filled the landscape. 

Amid of it all, Fotis anguished and was deeply confused. Fotis could not comprehend the unloving, violent, and hateful feelings pinned to his very existence. His creators taught him to love, but he wasn’t given any in return. Why is it so sad? Why is it so painful? Why were they all destroying each other, and the world around them? Why won’t Ohr Sof come down and save us all from this tragedy? Fotis felt overwhelmed and wept in despair. Instead of love, Fotis became a symbol of hate, of waste, of everything that was wrong in the world. In the end… Fotis let his heart die, surrendering himself to the negative impulses that endlessly punished him for existing. As he drowned his existence through his own self-imposed eulogy, he let “Fotis” fade into obscurity. And, what was left, was a creature driven by the impulses of the earth…

To the warmongers’ surprise, Fotis had transformed into a beast coalesced with the impurities of the world, a beast that projected its hollow mournful song towards the sky. The ground shook with each stride, and this monstrous creature absorbed all manner of energy, sucking the land dry. The beast was driven by impulse, caring naught for the lives that had ruined the world. Upon realizing that peril was imminent, the people that were once driven by war set aside their differences and unified together to conquer the beast. Eras would come and go, and many lives were spent in exchange, but through the concerted effort of Ohr Sof’s agents and unified people, they reduced the beast’s composition into an insignificant being and sealed the beast.

Once the crisis subsided, Ohdian assembled noteworthy beings, gracing them with the opportunity to continue serving Ohr Sof’s vision for the care of Verignos. Those that agreed to Ohr Sof’s cause then henceforth identified themselves as the Ancients. 

Not long after, the Ancients situated in their posts and took over the general custody of the world. They would watch with a keen eye with the intent to preserve the livelihood of Verignos.

And, Ohdian, with a heavy and tired heart, drew away the power of song from the survivors. It was clear that this power was nothing but a burden. Song was not needed to live. Ohdian was not unkind to leave them with nothing, either. Ohdian left them with the knowledge for the inhabitants to discover and harness in time. Lastly, Ohdian urged the Ancients to observe Verignos in their stead, for they were weary and wished to sleep… for a while. 

At long last, a weary Ohdian fell asleep to a lullaby, one that was quite… familiar yet strangely far away…

Story 2: ???

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Artwork by asa+kari